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Current Events Guide for March 2017 in Barcelona Barcelonа offers a plenty of fascinating events to enjoy in March, from the city's biggest marathon to the musical festival Millenni. Sting will give a concert in the Sant Jordi Club, while The Palace of Catalan Music hosts the flamenco show Gran Gala Flamenco and the opera La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi. The Design Museum of Barcelona explores the world of Spanish gastronomy, opening the exhibition “Tapas. Spanish Design for Food”.

Music and Theatre

Gran Gala Flamenco
On the 5th of March, at 21:30, The Palau de la Musica Catalana hosts the most passionate flamenco performance presented by the new generation of Catalan artist, such as Eli Ayala, Maria José González, Nacho Blanco, Iván Alcalá. The Grand Gala Flamenco includes a mixture of sensations, captivating rhythms and movements, which represent the art of dance, which first appeared in the 18th century in Spain. Dive into the world of flamenco and discover the intensity of the passion for dance and music!
Venue: Palace of Catalan Music (Palau de la Música Catalana)
Address: c/ Palau de la Música, 4-6
Date: 5 and 19 March 2017
Ticket price: from 20 EUR

Barcelona Guitar Trio & Dance
Barcelona Guitar Trio, which includes Manuel González, Xavier Coll and Luis Robisco, returns to the Palace of Catalan Music, one of the most popular concert venues in Barcelona. On the 16th and 22nd of February, at 21:00 you will get the chance to see the most talented flamenco performers in the country and enjoy Spanish guitar. Do not miss the opportunity to dive into the passionate world of the greatest Spanish art of music in the most beautiful concert hall of the city!
Venue: Palace of Catalan Music (Palau de la Música Catalana)
Address: c/ Palau de la Música, 4-6
Dates: 8 and 11 March 2017, at 21.00
Ticket price: from 19,50 EUR

Integral Beethoven Symphonies
In March Palau de la Música welcomes everyone to listen to a series of concerts, created by one of the most famous and fabulous composers, Ludwig van Beethoven. On the 12th of March, at 12:00 the concert program will include Symphony no. 1 and Symphony no. 2, performed by one of the best contemporary musician, Gustavo Dudamel. The next performance will be given on the same day, at 19:00: the programme will include Symphony no. 3 and Symphony no. 4. The 3rd concert will be held on the 13th of March, at 20:30 and will introduce the audience to Symphony no. 5 and Symphony no. 6 correspondingly. The following concert will be given on the 14th of March, at 20:30, and will include Symphony no. 7 and Symphony no. 8. The last performance (Symphony no. 9) is scheduled for the 15th of March, at 20:30.
Venue: Palace of Catalan Music (Palau de la Música Catalana)
Address: c/ Palau de la Música, 4-6
Dates: 12 March, at 12:00 and 19:00; 13 March at 20:30; 14 March at 20:30; 15 March at 20:30
Ticket price: from 20 to 60 EUR

La Traviata by Verdi, opera
La Traviata, one of the greatest dramas by Giuseppe Verdi, is based on the famous novel The Lady of the Camellias by Alexandre Dumas. At the moment it is one of the most performed and popular operas in the world. The masterpiece, presented in the walls of the Modernist gem of Barcelona, The Palace of Catalan Music lasts for 2 hours and includes more than 80 artists on stage. This fantastic opera has already captured many hearts of visitors in the Catalan capital by the libretto and performance itself.
Venue: The Palace of Catalan Music
Address: C/ Palau de la Música, 4-6
Date: 9 and 23 March 2017, at 20:00
Price: from 26 to 54 EUR

Festival Millenni: Índia Martínez
Within The Festival del Mil·lenni, the singer from Cordoba presents her 7th album Te cuento un secreto, which was released last year, in October. It includes a collaboration with Prince Royce, as well as other popular singles. On the 18th of March the Palace of Catalan Music hosts a performance, presenting the fantastic fusion of Hindu and Arab music with the sound of her Andalusian roots. The concert starts at 21:00.
Venue: Palace of Catalan Music (Palau de la Música Catalana)
Address: c/ Palau de la Música, 4-6
Dates: 18 March 2017, at 21:00
Ticket price: from 18 EUR

Blues and Jazz
Harlem Jazz Club, located in the Gothic quarter, hosts every Tuesday night blues and jazz concerts. And if you are in love with Robert Johnson’s compositions, do not miss the chance to listen to a fantastic jam session in the heart of Old Town. Hernán Senra, also known under the stage name El Chino, with Rod Deville and Roger Guardia, invites you to a cosy club. The programme also includes performances by invited musicians. A ticket is 7-8 euro.
Dates: 7, 14, 21 and 28 March 2017 (from 22:30 to 00:30)
Location: Harlem Jazz Club
Address: Carrer de Comtessa de Sobradiel, 8
Tickets: 7 EUR

On the 21st of March Sant Jordi Club, located on Passeig Olimpic, 5-7, hosts the biggest concert of the month. Sting brings to Barcelona his 12th album 57th & 9th, released in November 2016. The singer will visit the Catalan capital within his European tour, accompanied by his talented musicians: Dominic Miller(guitar), Josh Freese (drums) and Rufus Miller (guitar).
Venue: Sant Jordi Club
Address: Passeig Olimpic, 5-7
Date: 21 March 2017
Ticket price: from 95,50 EUR

Dance and Human Towers

Lindy Hop in The Ciutadella Park
If you always liked the style of the Lindy Hop, now it's high time to learn how to perform some steps to the music of 20-40-s! The open dancing class is held in the Ciutadella Park on the 15th of January at noon. The event takes place in the north part of the park, in the open pavilion located next to the fountain called Cascade, which was created by the famous Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi. Venue: The Ciutadella Park
Address: Passeig de Picasso, 21
Dates: 5 and 19 March 2017, at 12:00
Ticket price: free entrance

Human Towers/ Castellers
This fantastic tradition appeared in Catalonia more than 3 centuries ago at the festival in the town of Valls: the towers included just 2 or 3 people. Later the "castells" came up with their own rules and uniforms and decided to compete in strength and acrobatic skills. The so-called “human towers” gained their popularity in the nineteenth century, when the number of levels reached 9. The Civil War in Spain brought the movement to a halt, the tradition refounded in Catalonia in 1960. The golden era of "human tower" began in the 1990s and continues to the present day. At the moment, there are more than 100 clubs, including 12,000 members.
In March Barcelona hosts several performances on the streets:
12 March 2017, at 12:00, Carrer de Santa Carolina
18 March 2017, at 17:00, Plaça del Pi
19 March 2017, at 12:00, Pl. Valentí Almirall and Plaça Santa Madrona
26 March 2017, at 12:00, Carrer de Sant Jordi

Gourmet Events

Barcelona Beer Festival
This year the Barcelona Beer Festival found a new location, La Farga Centre d’Activitats, where thousands of beer fans will get a chance to participate in beer tasting and learn a lot of interesting info about local breweries. The organisers of the event, the Association for Culture and Artisanal Beer, offer us over 300 varieties of craft beer. The festival presents to the audience different types of high quality craft brews. The admission is free of charge, while tasting prices will vary depending on the brewing company. There will be a long and impressive bar with 50 taps, as well as fantastic street food and meetings with professional brewers, who are happy to share their knowledge and a couple of secrets with the travellers and residents of Barcelona.
Venue: La Farga de l' Hospitalet
Address: Barcelona 2, 08901 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
Dates: 24 – 25 March 2017


Peter Hujar. Speed of Life
The Mapfre Foundation invites all travellers and residents of Barcelona to visit its exhibition venue, located in the fantastic modernist building called Casa Garriga i Nogués. In March everyone gets a chance to explore the retrospective of Peter Hujar, US photographer. The artist is famous for his various images of New York City's bohemian community. His short life was full genuine art. The exhibition in the Catalan capital presents over 150 photos, which were taken in the period between the 1950s and 1980s.
Venue: Fundación Mapfre

Address: Diputació, 250
Dates: till the 30th of April 2017
Ticket price: 3 EUR

Walking with Gaudí
Antonio Gaudi created a fantastic cultural heritage in Catalonia: Barcelona is known around the world due his marvellous architectural masterpieces. Every travel guide to Spain features magnificent La Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell, Casa Batlló and La Pedrera. In addition, now all visitors and residents of Barcelona get the unique opportunity to discover the work of Antonio Gaudi in an unexpected format. A new joint project by Museu Diocesà de Barcelona (The Gaudí Exhibition Center) and the company Samsung offers us to travel to the past and meet with Gaudi himself. The interactive tour includes Gaudi’s landmarks of the city. You will take a fascinating virtual journey through the streets of the Catalan capital, see the colourful and multifaceted Barcelona and also visit the crypt inside the Colònia Güell (located in Santa Coloma de Cervelló).
Venue: Museu Diocesà de Barcelona (The Gaudí Exhibition Center)
Address: Pla de la Seu, 7
The exhibition "Walking with Gaudí" is open daily:
Opening hours in March: from 10.00 to 18.00

El Celler de Can Roca, from the Earth to the Moon
The Palau Robert, located on the corner of Passeig de Gracia and Diagonal, presents a gastronomy exhibition devoted to the most prominent family of chefs in Catalonia, The Roca family. At the moment their restaurant El Celler de Can Roca (Girona) is number 2 on the list of 50 best restaurants in the world. Previously, it was awarded as the top restaurant in the world in 2013 and 2015. The exhibition in Barcelona reveals the 30-year story of success and displays the most important milestones in their gastronomy career. This display is divided into 6 sections, which represent a fascinating narrative about the Roca family’s roots, their first tiny family restaurant run by the Roca brothers’ parents in Girona, and later on, the foundation of El Celler de Can Roca.
Venue: The Palau Robert
Address: Passeig de Gràcia, 107
Date: till 23 April 2017

Madeinusa by Antoni Miralda
The Spanish artist, Antoni Miralda focuses his artistic skills on food cult and different gastronomic cultures, including fascinating rituals and symbolism. 45 years ago he decide to move to New York where he created a series of participative culinary projects. The exhibition in Barcelona demonstrates to the audience all the projects of the artist, which he initiated in the United States, 14 to be precise. All visitors will get the unique opportunity to discover the most significant installations, which display sculptures, drawings, photographs, visual recordings, sketches and other material, used by Antoni Miralda. The exhibition also reveals the complexity of the artist’s work and the collective nature of his methodology.
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art MACBA
Address: Plaça dels Àngels 1
Dates: till 9 April 2017
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 19:30, Saturday from 10:00 to 21:00, Sunday and bank holidays from 10:00 to 15:00
Tuesday - closed

Tapas. Spanish Design for Food
The Museu del Disseny opens the exhibition, which covers 3 themed sections: The Kitchen, The Table and Food. The exhibits reveal the relationship between design, food and drink. This fascinating project includes more than 250 pieces—utensils, containers, various gadgets and furniture—images and videos tell a story where you get to know food culture, architecture, history, industrial and graphic design. The admission is free of charge.
Venue: Design Museum of Barcelona
Address: Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes 37-38
Date: 9 March – 20 May 2017
Admission: free of charge


Zurich Marathon in Barcelona
Barcelona hosts many sporting events every year, including various marathons and The Triathlon. In March the Catalan capital welcomes all the participants of Zurich Marathon, who will get an opportunity to enjoy the most beautiful sights of Barcelona and break a record. More than 20,000 runners from around the world will create a vibrant festive atmosphere and compete for the main prize. The programme of the event also includes various activities like the Children’s Race, Breakfast Run and the trade fair entitled “Expo Sports. The route will pass along Las Ramblas, The Sagrada Familia, Paseo de Gracia and the Port. The detailed route is available at the official web site www.zurichmaratobarcelona.es
Date: 12 March 2017

FC Barcelona Games
Champions League
Round of 16 - 2nd Leg
8 March 2017, at 20:45
Barcelona vs. PSG

La Liga
Match day 28
19 March 2017 at 20:45
Barcelona vs. Valencia

Venue: Nou Camp (Camp Nou)
Address: C. Aristides Maillol, 12
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