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The Battle of Nations 2017 in Barcelona This is not choreography, and it has nothing to do with free-style wrestling... And it does not resemble a historical reconstruction at all. The Battle of Nations is a sporting competition, which includes armour and weapons, carefully recreated by bladesmiths. For the first time the arena Monumental in the Catalan capital will host the world championship of historical medieval battles from the 29th of April to the 1st of May! The event will bring together 800 athletes from 30 countries, including Argentina and Australia. However, the main forces will come to Barcelona from Russia and Ukraine, where such sports are more popular.
The event will appeal not only to fans of such TV series as The Game of Thrones or fans of the video game World of Warcraft, but to all inquisitive travellers, looking for unforgettable experience! This World Cup was first held in 2009, and since then has been travelling the world, winning the hearts of thousands of spectators. The international referees carefully enforce the established rules and issue yellow and red cards, as in a football match, for using prohibited moves and punches.
The Battle of the Nations 2017 is a show for a wider audience, but the most sensitive family members should refrain from such a surge of adrenaline! The competition will be an ideal pastime for thrill seekers and history buffs, keen on sword battles and interested in mastery of axes and clubs.
Christian Bernal, the captain of the Spanish team, says that all the spectators in Barcelona will be able to witness an incredible sporting and fierce show! However, the fighter clarifies that there will be no casualties and injuries. The athlete himself has been participating in different championships for many years and has broken only a finger.
The warriors are fully protected, since the safety comes first. The average weight of high-quality armour reaches 30 kilograms. In addition, you need to add the weight of their jackets. There is no doubt that such a fight requires strength, endurance and skills. The participants of the upcoming event will be both male and female fighters! A ticket price for an adult is 16.50 EUR, a child ticket costs 9.50 EUR.
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