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Cruïlla 2017 in Barcelona Every year Barcelona hosts one of the most important summer festivals called Cruïlla. In summer 2017 the agenda of the event offers a great choice of international stars, for example Jamiroquai, Pet Shop Boys or The Prodigy. In addition, during the period between the 7th and 9th of July the festival will also present the other young and talented musicians, who perform in various styles, and some popular DJs. The full list of the participants is available at the official website.
7th of July
One of the headliners of the day is Jamiroquai, the band who won millions of people´s hearts in the 90s, mostly by their track in the genre of jazz-funk and acid-jazz. So far, the musicians have released 9 studio albums and have received many prizes, such as MTV Awards and Grammy. In their repertoire you will also find such styles as disco, rock or reggae. The name of the music group was invented by the soloist Jay Key, who joined the word “jam” and the name of a tribe from the North America, Iroquois.
Also, on the 1st day of the festival you will get a chance to listen to the performance by a Senegalese artist Youssou N'Dour, one of the most famous musician form the African continent. In 2005 he gave a concert in Mataro (the province of Barcelona) and gained lots of great reviews. 12 years later Youssou is coming back to Catalonia in order to participate in Cruïlla. Another prominent participant of the evening is an American singer Ani DiFranco. In June she will release her 19th studio album «Binary», which includes 3 tracks created by the artist herself.
8th of July
The agenda highlights Pet Shop Boys, and also a rock-singer and composer Ryan Adams . The performance by Neel Tennant and Chris Law (Pet Shop Boys), no doubt, is one of the anticipated events of the upcoming festival. Last year the ledendary duo released the new work «Super», so the fans are looking forward to listen to the new tracks in the Catalan capital. In addition, Ryan Adams will present his creation «Prisoner», the 16th studio album, created in the genres of rock and alt-country, which was released in February, 2017.
Cruïlla Barcelona offers another great show by the British electronic band, The Prodigy. The musicians captured millions of people’s hearts by their ledendary songs «Firestarter» and «Smack My Bitch Up». Having become the pioneers of the Big Beat style, they reached their peak of popularity in the 90s and kept developing within the alternative electronic rock. The group received many prestigious awards, including Grammy and MTV Awards. Also, in 2012 The Prodigy won the prize «The Best Dancing Group» by the magazine Mixmag.
The tickets are available at the official website. The price for 7 or 8 July is 75,50 EUR (including fees, *1-day ticket). A 3-day ticket is 125 EUR, including fees.
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