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Audiovisual Show on the Facade of La Pedrera Within the main festival in Barcelona, La Mercé, one of the most famous architectural masterpieces by Antonio Gaudi, La Pedrera - Casa Mila, presents an audiovisual show Los Colores de La Tierra on the façade. The street performance is open to all visitors and is free of charge. This amazing show, created by the Foundation Catalunya-La Pedrera and directed by Lluis Danes, includes music written by the composer Xavi Lloses especially for the upcoming show. The creators of The Colours of the Earth announced that all travellers and residents of the Catalan capital get a unique chance to witness this unforgettable show in the open air, where music and modern visual technologies will continue into Gaudi's architecture.
This unique building was designed by the architect Antonio Gaudi for the Mila family and built in 1906 - 1910. The author of the project took an active part in the construction process: for example, it is known that the ironwork of the balconies, which appeared as a result of creative improvisation between Gaudi and Josep Maria Jujol, were made in the workshop of the Badia brothers under the supervision of Gaudi.
It is worth mentioning that the uniqueness of the project is not only in the unusual form of the facade, but also the absence of internal load-bearing walls - the frame of the building was designed with load-bearing columns. Many contemporaries of Gaudí were sceptical about the "stone masterpiece" built at the intersection of Passeig de Gràcia with Provença, but nevertheless they admired the innovation of the architect, who had designed a system of natural ventilation, which allows to avoid air conditioning.
The multimedia show, which will be displayed on the facade of La Pedrera, is timed to the 10th anniversary of The Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation. In this regard, The Colours of the Earth is based on the beauty of the Catalan villages, the aesthetics of the world of gastronomy and wine production - all those things, which the region is so proud of. You can see the amazing audiovisual show on Sunday, the 24th of September: there are 2 performances at 21:00 and 22:30, lasting 25 minutes.
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